Faith-based Counseling is a specialization in which the licensed mental health professional integrates knowledge, skills and abilities with Christian faith, values and beliefs.

It’s the Professional Christian Counselor’s sensitivity to perceive their client’s problems as including a blend of psychological, emotional, moral, and spiritual concerns, combined with their ability to expertly deal with the religious domain which sets them apart and makes them very helpful.

To address emotional and behavioral problems which have a spiritual connection, clients will benefit by receiving help for their whole person – emotional, psychological and spiritual. People who go to a Professional Christian Counselor  can have the assurance that their fundamental Christian beliefs will be valued.

Integrating faith-based counseling allows the opportunity to incorporate the Holy Spirit’s guidance into the counseling process.  Clients begin to understand that it’s the synergy of God’s healing kindness, the counselor’s gifts and talents, and the client’s hard work, which brings God’s healing presence into their lives.

Through the combination of scientific psychotherapy and professional, faith-based counseling, clients can achieve cognitive clarity, emotional maturity, overall mental health and spiritual growth. 

As a Professional Christian Counselor,  I have been called and accept this work as a vocation, and a sacred trust.  I view my work as a counseling ministry providing licensed professional counseling in the service of Christ.



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