Learn More About Faith-Based Counseling

At In the Garden Counseling, we understand the importance of a Faith-Based approach to counseling. Faith-Based Counseling is a specialization in which the licensed mental health professional integrates their knowledge, skills and abilities with a Christian worldview. Merging these values and beliefs with a clinical background in mental health creates a structure that enables the mental health professional to approach every individual’s needs with sensitivity and a big-picture approach.

A counselor that uses a Faith-Based model for counseling will perceive their client’s problems in aspects of psychological, emotional, moral, and spiritual concerns, allowing for a more effective session that brings in one of the most important aspects of an individual’s health; their spiritual walk. A counselor that uses a Faith-Based model does not substitute sound medical practice for religious nurturing; instead, these two approaches are blended in a way that best benefits the client. In order to address emotional and behavioral problems that have a spiritual connection, clients will benefit the most by receiving help for their whole person- emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

If you choose to go to a Professional Christian Counselor such as In the Garden Counseling, you can have the assurance that your fundamental Christian beliefs will be valued and brought into the conversation.

Beyond simply widening our approach, integrating Faith-Based Counseling allows us the opportunity to incorporate the Holy Spirit’s guidance into the counseling process. Clients begin to understand that it’s the synergy of God’s healing kindness, the counselor’s gifts and talents, and the client’s hard work, which all work together to bring God’s healing presence into their lives.

Through the combination of scientific psychotherapy and professional, faith-based counseling, clients can achieve cognitive clarity, emotional maturity, overall mental health and spiritual growth. As Professional Christian Counselors, our team has been called to this work and accept it as our vocation. We view our work as a counseling ministry, with the goal and sacred trust of providing licensed professional counseling in the service of Christ.


Now scheduling Telehealth online video/phone sessions. This is a simple process that complies with HIPAA requirements to ensure privacy & security. Contact In The Garden Counseling for more information.