Play Therapy


Play therapy is a form of therapy primarily geared toward children. In this form of therapy, a therapist encourages children to explore issues that may be having an effect on their current circumstances primarily through play but also through verbalization techniques.

This type of therapy can help children improve communication skills, explore repressed thoughts and emotions, address unresolved trauma, and experience personal growth and is widely viewed as an important, effective, and developmentally appropriate mental health treatment. 

The overall goal of play therapy is to incorporate age-appropriate counseling for children who are undergoing or have witnessed stressful events in their lives, such as a serious illness or hospitalization, domestic violence, trauma, abuse, or family crisis.  This can also help children who are experiencing academic and social problems, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, anxiety, grief, depression, or anger, as well as children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Johannah has worked in a school environment for approximately 20 years. This included grades K-12.  A portion of this experience was obtained while working in an alternative school setting. In addition to this, Johannah taught a college success course in the early college program at Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC.  Positive outcomes are evidence that Johannah has a passion for working with children and their families.  Contact us today to schedule sessions as a means of assisting your child with current symptoms that are being experienced.






Now scheduling Telehealth online video/phone sessions. This is a simple process that complies with HIPAA requirements to ensure privacy & security. Contact In The Garden Counseling for more information.